SPRING into Spring Market

We can feel it in the air – springtime! For months we have been looking forward to opening up our homes and planting spring flowers, and it seems as though it has finally arrived. When our flowers begin blooming, so does our spring real estate market. We see buyers ready to spring into action and find the home they’ve been dreaming about.

This spring, there are four reasons to fulfill your dreams of homeownership right now.

Interest rates

  • Take advantage of low interest rates while they last
  • Expected to rise around the middle of 2015
  • Having low interest rates could help you afford more home vs. higher interest rates
  • Low interest rates keeps your home more affordable
  • Saves you, the buyer, money

Homes are rising in value

  • Invest in your home now while prices are low and watch your home increase in value
  • Buy now when houses are more affordable. Sell when they are higher
  • Homes for sale that are in your price range now may not be in you price range once the housing market increases

Economy is picking up

  • Economy is recovering from the great recession
  • People have more disposable money in their pockets
  • Incomes are increasing

Buying a home vs. renting

  • The monthly rent payment is usually around 2x more than a monthly mortgage payment on a house
  • You could get money back when you decide to sell your home vs. nothing back when you rent

Making the decision to buy a home should take careful consideration. Consult with our expert buyer’s agents to see if you’re ready to take the next steps and begin your home search.

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