Ohio Private Selling Officer - Why Appoint a PSO for a Forclosure Sale

Why should a Private Selling Officer be appointed for a foreclosure sale?

A Private Selling Officer will maximize the chance for a Third Party Sale.

Attorneys representing financial institutions have long utilized county Sheriff Sales to conducted foreclosure auctions. In Ohio, that process is quickly changing and clients are now choosing to have a Private Selling Officer appointed to handle the foreclosure sale. But why the sudden change?

Ohio House Bill 390 adopted the change where the court could appoint a Private Selling Officer in place of the Sheriff to conduct the foreclosure sale. In doing so, we have seen a large increase in the number of foreclosure sales that are sold to third parties. By appointing a licensed sales agent and auctioneer, we are able to properly market the auction so that there is competitive bidding and the property ultimately sells to an end user, limiting the risk for banks and maximizing funds for debts owed.

  • Achieve Third Party Sales

    From day one our goal in providing Private Selling Officer services is to streamline the foreclosure sale process and prioritize a Third Party Sale. The clients we work with regularly represent financial institutions who want the subject property sold quickly; not pushed onto their books. If we can strategically market and sell a property to a third party (end-user) the financial institution can avoid a large book of properties and recoup a larger percentage of the debt owed.

  • Competitive Online Bidding

    We have invested in an online bidding platform to maximize the bidding experience for new and returning real estate buyers. As we are appointed to more and more PSO sales and develop a marketshare in Ohio, we are able to leverage the bidding platform and bidding experience for buyers statewide to bid and buy easily and securely, following the anti-snipe guidelines.

  • Streamlined Process

    We have a team in place to service the entire state of Ohio for appointments as a Private Selling Officer. Our streamlined process allows us to scale and handle several hundred appoints at one time, while strategically marketing and targeting each individual property to secure a third party purchaser. Our team has perfected a well-developed workflow to ensure legal ads, property marketing, and buyer follow up are executed and managed properly and efficiently.

Choosing the Right PSO

It starts with a licensed, knowledgable, and experienced professional.

The implementation of private selling officers proves the importance of hiring a dually licensed and qualified Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent to conduct the sale of residential and commercial assets. Hiring our firm, the process is streamlined and the property is transferred efficiently using data-driven marketing. These skills and techniques are both cost-effective and successful, generating more revenue for the creditor.

Why Appoint Beth Rose?

Experience – Third-generation, fifty-year-old family business that’s well-established with an exceptional reputation and national reach.

Industry Leader – Beth Rose serves on national industry boards including the National Auctioneers Association Education Institute Trustees and is an International Auctioneer Champion. Beth is also an instructor at two leading auction schools.

Cutting-Edge – Our company has pioneered the process for auctions by Private Selling Officers and was one of the few in the nation to be an early adopter and master the strategy successfully to third-party buyers.

Marketing Experts – Our process targets end users for third-party sales. In addition to getting a PSO auction completed quickly, our expertise is finding an end user to maximize price and minimize time and costs for our client.

System-Focused – Our team works seamlessly to ensure a smooth and efficient process from beginning to closing. Our clients are continually updated at every step of our workflow to ensure they know what to except and when to anticipate a successful closing.

Common Questions

What do the revisions to Ohio’s foreclosure procedures mean for creditors?

Ohio House Bill 390, signed into law by Governor Kasich June 28, 2016 and put into effect September 28, 2016, will set the precedent for the future of the foreclosure process nationwide. After years in the making, the bill is designed to reduce the foreclosure process of vacant and abandoned homes from two to three years to about six months.

This reform will alleviate many of the issues communities have seen with vacant foreclosed homes. By speeding up the process, risks of vandalism, squatters, and depreciating home values are drastically reduced. With this bill in place, vacant homes won’t experience nearly as much deterioration and will be brought to market much quicker.

Who are Private Selling Officers?

The new laws create the title “Private Selling Officer” and establish procedures for their appoint- ment in lieu of a sheriff, thereby replacing the practice appointing auctioneers to conduct fore- closure sales. The courts do not have the discretion to deny the appointment of a private selling officer if requested by the mortgage holder.

The new laws will also require the sheriff to obtain the appraisals for the private selling offer and have the order of sale issued. The private selling officers will have the ability to market the property. Private selling officers must be Ohio residents and licensed as a both an auctioneer and a real estate broker or real estate salesperson in Ohio.

Do all properties qualify under this bill?

Only foreclosure sales on vacant and abandoned properties can be accelerated if the mortgage holder can submit sufficient evidence to the court that the property is either vacant or abandoned.

After filing the foreclosure, the mortgage holder may file a motion to have the property declared vacant or abandoned. The court will hold an oral hearing on the motion. The court must rule on the motion not more than 21 days after the property owner’s answer date has expired. If the judge declares the property is vacant or abandoned, then the sale auction must be held within 75 days of the court’s ruling.

Looking for a Private Selling Officer?

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