Pros and Cons of Going Condo


When buying real estate in Florida, condominiums, at a first glance, are an appealing option for a second home. You show up, enjoy maintenance-free leaving, and when you’re ready to head back north, you simply lock the door behind you.

We’re breaking down the pros and cons of condominium living, so get ready to immerse yourself in all things condo.

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Amenities: Condos are known for their glamorous swimming pools, over-the-top fitness centers, fancy social rooms, and many other amenities to make your condo living experience feel like you’re living at a five-start hotel. Taking advantage of these amenities is a huge plus since you’re sharing in the cost with other owners, as opposed to shelling out the cash yourself in a single family home.

Maintenance: If you’re a busy traveler coming and going to your getaway condo, then maintenance-free living is a priority. Most condos have on-site managers to take care of common areas and keep the grounds looking pristine.

Security: Many condos are gated with on-site security in the gatehouse so you can sleep sounding knowing you’re safe.

Beautiful Views: If you’re looking to buy a second home with a beautiful water view, then a condo purchase is most likely your best bet. You certainly will have more options in getting a gorgeous high-rise view without shelling out the cost of a single-family home on the water.

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Storage: Without a 2 car garage, which most single-family residences come with, storage can be a challenge. Many condos come with locker storage, but without the added space, tell your man to say goodbye to his workbench and tools.

Outdoor Space: If you’re a gardener at heart, you might find condo living a challenge. Some people love to piddle in their yards with gardens and flowers. If you don’t have a green thumb, then not having the headache of mowing the lawn and maintaining a yard is a SUPER plus.

Reserve Funds and Associate Fees: All condo associations have maintenance fees to keep the buildings and grounds looking beautiful, but of course, that comes at a price. When buying a condo, be sure to research the condominiums financials and reserve fund so you’re investing in a condo association with a sound financial future.

As we’ve seen, there are several pros and cons to condo living. The secret? Find the style of living that best suits you!

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