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Agent Auction Program

The New Way to Auction for Agents Without Giving Up Your Listing

How Agents/Realtors Get Involved with Auctions

There are several instances when an Agent would refer a listing for a real estate auction.

We have worked hard over the last three decades to build a relationship with agents and Realtors so when the need arises, we’re ready to help. Many times a seller grows frustrated with the time on the market and asks their listing agent about auctioning their home. If the agent isn’t familiar with real estate auctions, they will help the seller find the right fit to auction their home.

That’s where we come in. We’ve been training and coaching agents on the advantages of real estate auctions for years. We know which homes are best suited for a traditional sale and which homes are ideal candidates to be sold at auction. And the best part – when an agent refers a real estate auction, their commission is completely protected. We know agents have developed a deep relationship with their seller and we don’t want to sever that bond, we want to all work together to get the home sold to a new buyer.

Why Refer a Property to Auction?

  • Keep your listing in MLS
  • Keep your commission
  • Keep your relationship with your seller
  • Keep all the buyers from the auction

With the Agent Auction Program, we realize you’ve worked hard to build a solid relationship with your seller and within your community. We want to amplify your efforts with a time-defined sale.

You help advise and guide the seller through the process with us to form an unstoppable team.

Come auction day, we make it happen. With your property expertise and our auction expertise, we ramp up the competition and let bidders compete to buy the property.

In the end, we sell the property for market value (or higher), you get your full commission, and the seller gets to move on to their next adventure.

Ready? Let’s make it happen!

Join the Agent Auction Program in 3 Easy Steps

Determine a current listing you have for sale or a property you think would be a good auction candidate and submit a Agent Auction Property Form.

Set an appointment or virtual meeting for our team to meet with you and your seller to determine an auction strategy and pick an auction date.

You’re now apart of the team! We’ll work together to get your listing sold!

Common Questions

  • How Much Commission Will I Make?

    Your listing agreement stays intact, so you will receive your full commission at closing.

  • How Long Does The Auction Process Take?

    From the time the auction agreements is signed, it’s typically 30-45 days until the auction date. From there, buyers have 30 days to close.

  • I’ve Never Been To An Auction, How Do I Present This Option To My Seller?

    We don’t expect you to know everything about the auction process before presenting it to your seller. It’s helpful for you to be involved in any meetings or conference calls so you also get an opportunity to learn about the process and feel comfortable advising our services to your clients.

Building on Our Agent Relationships for Over Thirty Years

Beth Rose Real Estate and Auctions has been a powerhouse in the real estate auction market for decades. Much of our success is owed to teaming up with the top real estate professionals in the country to offer transparent and aggressive solutions to selling non-distress real estate through a competitive bidding platform.

Beth Rose Auctions guides Brokers and real estate professionals through the auction process so that they are able to counsel their sellers into making an informed decision about selling their home through the auction method.

The training program is designed to demonstrate the advantages of selling a home through auction rather than traditional means. The auction approach is presented as a tool to real estate professionals to supplement their business, not replace it.

One common misconception about auction companies is that they compete with local Brokerages. Beth Rose Auctions has long-standing relationships with Brokers and real estate professionals that span more than thirty years. We work along side real estate professionals, not against them.

Since the 1990’s, Beth Rose Auctions has traveled throughout Ohio, Michigan, Florida and many other states training Brokerage firms and even other auction companies on the power of auctions. We have teamed with some of the top firms and professionals in the country.  The message quickly became quite clear when we were coined as the “Realtor’s Auctioneer.”

Our objective to joint venture with real estate professionals has never changed – we want to offer Realtors a solution.

To learn more about our Agent Auction Program, or to learn more about the auction process from a Realtor’s vantage point give us a call at 419-464-9692.

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