SPRING into Spring Market

We can feel it in the air – springtime! For months we have been looking forward to opening up our homes and planting spring flowers, and it seems as though it has finally arrived. When our flowers begin blooming, so does our spring real estate market. We see buyers ready to spring into action and find the home they’ve been dreaming about.

This spring, there are four reasons to fulfill your dreams of homeownership right now.

Interest rates

  • Take advantage of low interest rates while they last
  • Expected to rise around the middle of 2015
  • Having low interest rates could help you afford more home vs. higher interest rates
  • Low interest rates keeps your home more affordable
  • Saves you, the buyer, money

Homes are rising in value

  • Invest in your home now while prices are low and watch your home increase in value
  • Buy now when houses are more affordable. Sell when they are higher
  • Homes for sale that are in your price range now may not be in you price range once the housing market increases

Economy is picking up

  • Economy is recovering from the great recession
  • People have more disposable money in their pockets
  • Incomes are increasing

Buying a home vs. renting

  • The monthly rent payment is usually around 2x more than a monthly mortgage payment on a house
  • You could get money back when you decide to sell your home vs. nothing back when you rent

Making the decision to buy a home should take careful consideration. Consult with our expert buyer’s agents to see if you’re ready to take the next steps and begin your home search.

Start your home search!

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Vacation Home Sales Skyrocketed Last Year


The National Association of Realtors reported that vacation home purchases made up 21% of all homes sales last year. The highest level since 2003 and a 57% increase from 2013.

Why the dramatic surge? Families, especially the top 10%, are feeling more confident in the local housing market, as well as, strong performances in the stock market.

According to NAR, the typical second-home buyer had a median household income of $94,380, 58% had two income earners and 48% financed less than 70% of the purchase price.

Another telling factor that the real estate market will continue to surge, NAR’s chief economist, Lawrence Yun pointed out that baby boomers are on the tipping point of retirement. In fact, 19% of all vacation homebuyers plan to eventually make their second home their primary residence.

So what does this mean for the Florida real estate market?

46% of the vacation homes purchased were located in the South. On a local level the Naples Area Board of Realtors (NABOR) is reporting that the luxury real estate marketing in Naples remains to be strong.


According to NABOR, closed sales increased 14% in the $1Million to $2 Million+ price segment and increased 13% in the $2Million+ price segment.


With continually decreasing inventory and strong market conditions, the Naples real estate market remains strong. If you are a homeowner that’s kept your eye on the market and believe you have equity in your home, contact us to confirm your growth in your investment. It may be the right time to sell.

Thinking of buying or selling in Naples?

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Featured Properties

Beth Rose Real Estate and Auctions to Team with REIA Toledo for #InvestinToledo Campaign


Beth Rose, a member and sponsor of REIA Toledo for over 20 years is thrilled to announce the #InvestinToledo campaign coming this summer. Beth remarked, “The investment sector of Toledo’s real estate market is vitally important to Toledo’s future. Investment properties are the backbone to many retirement plans of hard-working residents of Toledo. I believe by educating people in our own backyard about investing smart in Toledo, we can continue to recover in some of the hardest hit areas in our community.”

Beth’s father, David Rose, started his career offering investment properties that started many of Toledo’s biggest investors in the 1980s and 1990s. This summer, Beth Rose wants to reestablish the importance of investing smart in real estate, right here in our own backyard.

The campaign will feature a large ballroom style auction of investment properties, coupled with educational sessions to help investors who are just starting out with dreams of owning real estate to plan for their futures.

Beth explains, “When investors get started in the real estate buying process for the first time, we understand there’s a learning curve, and that’s why we want to take the time to break down the process and help new investors feel confident they’re making a wise financial decision for their future. We do that by bringing in speakers to talk about issues most investors face such as property management, lending regulations, and what you need to know when taking on renovation projects.”

All these lessons are learned over time, but if we can help bridge the gap and speed up the learning curve, then more consumers will feel confident that investing in Toledo is great for their financial future, and that’s crucial for the future of Toledo.

Over the next few weeks, Beth Rose Real Estate and Auctions will be meeting with investors who are ready to retire and sell their portfolios. We are currently taking new properties to add to our upcoming investment ballroom auction.

If you’re an investor looking to retire, this is the auction to sell your portfolio!

If you’re a new investor just starting out or thinking about buying your first investment property, this is the time to learn from others that have been in your shoes!

Add Your Property to our Auction or Get the Latest Alerts for the Auction and Education Sessions

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Featured Properties

Low Inventory of Grosse Pointe Historical Homes Pushes Real Estate Market Up

Grosse Pointe is known for luxurious, historically relevant estates that tell their own stories dating back to the early 1900s. Today, residents of Grosse Pointe still treasure the history and tradition on which it was founded.

Famous architects like Marcel Breuer, Hugh T. Keyes, and Albert Kahn, known as the architect of Detroit, made a significant impact on the culture of what makes Grosse Pointe one of the best suburbs of the Motor City to this day.

Homes for sale in Grosse Pointe, Michigan have seen inventory drop drastically in the last year due to improving market conditions. As a result, home prices are rising and inventory is moving even faster.

According to the Realcomp Multiple Listing Service statistics, sales prices in Grosse Pointe have jumped 43% in the last six months in the luxury real estate segment (home prices $1,000,000+).

The real estate market of Grosse Pointe Farms is especially hot. Beth Rose Real Estate and Auctions just announced the 2013 Grosse Pointe Historical Show House, 221 Lewiston Road, will hit the auction block May 30th. The home will be sold at absolute auction, selling to the highest bidder, regardless of price. More information about the auction may be found here.

As for the next six months of predictions, all signs seem to be pointing up. When the snow melts and spring market really heats up, so do home prices.